What We Aim To Do

Support System

  • Run a short term receiving facility (shelter home) for girl children and women in need, particularly subjected to abuse and  exploitation, with all essential services such as shelter, food, medical aid, legal aid, education psychosocial counseling and self empowerment training
  • Maintain strong networking with different organisations that provide specialized care through a national mechanism for referral

Mental health

  • Address the needs of vulnerable girl children’s psychosocial and mental health by providing services such as psychosocial counseling, art therapy, PTSD etc.
  • Coordinate and liaise with other organizations working in a similar area
  • Provide training on case management, personal development, self protection, interviewing techniques etc. to other organizations upon request

Social and Economic empowerment

  • Provide training on empowerment and self protection to vulnerable girl children
  • Work with the girl children to explore opportunities for their economic empowerment

Prevention through education and training

  • Conduct programs to create awareness on prevention of abuse and exploitation at school-level and give training on self-protection to school-going girls
  • Support through libraries

Safe and Voluntary Repatriation

  • Coordinate with different organizations in India to give safe passage for the girls who are victims of abuse and exploitation on the premise of trafficking


  • Provide legal aid to the victims of abuse, exploitation and trafficking with legal aid and help them access justice by preparing them through psychosocial counseling and availing them information on the legislation and the legal process


  • Conduct risk-assessment to explore the possibilities of reintegrating children back to the family and communities
  • Provide seed grants to the families for their livelihood
  • Support girl child for their education such that they stay with their families and pursue their education

Action oriented research

  • Coordinate with different national and international institutions to explore and identify issues requiring research
  • Design effective interventions based on the findings of the research

Coordination with the government

  • Coordinate with the government bodies for the protection of the girl child who are victims of abuse and exploitation
  • Sensitize the government officials to be more sensitive in handling cases of abuse and exploitation by providing them training on interviewing abused and exploited children

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17 May 2021
Mental Health Free Helpline
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