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WHO's Materials on how to stay safe!!
17 MAY 2021
WHO's Materials on how to prepare in case someone gets sick in household!...

Mental Health Free Helpline
17 MAY 2021
Please take help from Free Helpline for Mental Health....

Survey Report
11 SEP 2020
Stigma and Discrimination faced by Families and Guardians of Girls Subjected to Sexual Abuse and ExploitationClick Here ...

Orientation program of Kumudini in 16 day's activism on GBV
10 DEC 2019
Orange the World : Generation Equality Stand Against Rape!On the occasion of 16 days' activism on GBV, Kumudini in colla...

Social Audit 2075/76
10 DEC 2019
Social Audit On 6th Mangsir 2076, Kumudini conducted it's Social Audit 2075/2076 in participation of Ward Chairpers...

Collaboration of Kumudini and Books for Change
03 MAY 2019
With the support of Books for Change, Kumudini has been operating library and conducting non formal education class...

Acheivement of Sajag project
02 MAY 2019
Sajag (The awareness raising program on trafficking)   In order to sensitize students and civil society...

Acheivement of Ashraya Project,August 2017 to July 2018
02 MAY 2019
The achievement of Ashraya Project from August 2017 to July 2018 : Overall Project Objective (long t...

Annual General Meeting, 2074/2075
02 MAY 2019
The Fourth Annual General Meeting was conducted on September 2018 along with election of Executive Board....

Peer Supervision Meeting
12 DEC 2017
Peer group Supervision meeting is being conducted by Kumudini to support the psychosocial counselors and residential sta...


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